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Hi! My name is Stefy Bolaños, and I'm one of the co-founders at TeamLogIQ, where I build online games to help people learn in a more effective and fun way.What I do lies in the intersection between active learning, technology, and facilitation.My night job is as a children's book author. I've published three books that are sold in Latin American countries.



My exploration library with thoughts, ideas, and lessons learned


Curated repository for building an online escape game.


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As a facilitator, I've worked for the Antigua Forum, Wavetable, the University of Texas at Austin, FEE, the Hayek Global College, and Universidad Francisco Marroquín.In the teaching space, I've taught courses on Microeconomics, Risk and Uncertainty, Creative Destruction, and Humanomics.I'm a Learning Experience Designer and have worked for companies like p1440 and UFM's CoLab.

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